T-Mobile iPhone Launch Imminent?

There has been so much debate over the CDMA iPhone and its launch on Verizon that not so much bandwidth has been saved for the T-Mobile iPhone story. But that could be happening very soon. A couple of news pieces today seem to be indicating that this launch could be happening shortly.

First, some T-Mobile customers who had mail-ordered for mini SIMs are reported to have received microSIMs instead. As you are aware, the two prominent devices in the American market today that carry the microSIM are the iPad and iPhone 4.

Yet another news item that is doing the rounds is about customers noticing iPhone cables being sold on the T-Mobile stores lately. While this in itself is no absolute proof to claim that the iPhone is landing on T-Mobile soon, we do think that this news, along with the microSIM story, puts the rumor in perspective (Click here to view a slideshow of all our earlier stories about the iPhone launch on Verizon and T-Mobile).

Are you looking forward to an iPhone on T-Mobile?

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