T-Mobile 4G-Like HSPA+ Data Network Launch In New Markets

AT&T is right. It is the fastest 3G network in USA. And that’s because other carriers in the country are now beginning to compete on the 4G space – or are at least beginning to offer 4G-like data speeds.

T-Mobile has announced the launch of its new HSPA+ network in additional markets which will bring 4G-like data network speeds of over 21Mbps to over 85 million American subscribers. The company claims that its network will expand to cover 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of the year – that’s nearly 185 million Amerians.At present, the service is available in close to 50 major metros.

Now, this speed is theoretically double the 4G-speeds offered by Sprint on their WiMAX service. ZDNET claims that Sprint’s 4G network only offers 10Mbps network speeds. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ offers 21Mbps.

If you are on T-Mobile, do let us know the speeds that you are experiencing on your network at present. Are you seeing big improvements in the past?

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