Super Juice iPhone 4 Power Case Gives 6 Hours Backup

Dexim, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories has announced Super Juice, a power casing for iPhone 4 that will not only serve as a protective covering for the iPhone 4, but will also come with additional power backup that can increase the battery life for voice calls on the phone by six hours.

All this might sound pretty familiar if you have already read about or used the Mophie Juice Pack Air power case. But where the new Super Juice power case wins is with the availability of a kickstand. This will give the iPhone a convenient stand to rest upon when you are looking to have a little movie session over your iPhone or are looking to talk over FaceTime with your friend.

Dexim Super Juice iPhone 4

The Dexim Super Juice power case offers 2000mAh capacity and is compatible with both the 16GB and 32GB variants of iPhone 4. There is no word as yet on the price or launch date.

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