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Steve Ballmer On Facebook – "I'm On Facebook Every Day"

It’s not often that you have corporate CEOs admit to visiting social networks every other day; at least if they are not Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, Microsoft head, Steve Ballmer does. In an interview to the Seattle Times, not only did Ballmer admit to having a Facebook account that he visited every day, but also agreed to the problem with fake accounts. On being asked if he was one of those several Steve Ballmers on Facebook, the Microsoft CEO said,

“Yeah. I do, but I don’t want to tell you which one it is because I don’t want to get those friend requests. There’s about 11 of them (Steve Ballmer pages). Not as many as there are Bill Gates, but there are a few Steve Ballmers.”

Ballmer later also admitted to being a frequent visitor. He said,

“Every day. Oh, absolutely. I’m on Facebook every day.”

That doesn’t sound surprising. But I really don’t think he goes there to check on his crops. What do you think?

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