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Sprint ZTE Peel iPod Touch Case With Mobile Hotspot Access Launching

Sprint has had a lot of success in recent times in their mobile hotspot business. The company has sold a lot of Overdrive units to iPhone and iPad owners who are looking for 3G and 4G data access while on the move. Now, a similar offering may be coming to iPod Touch albeit in a different form.

Folks at BGR have claimed that Sprint may be launching their new ZTE Peel iPod Touch case as early as next week. The iPod Touch casing that will also double up as a mobile ¬†hotspot rendering unit will go on sale starting November 14 at Sprint stores in the United States. While the price of this casing itself is not known as yet, we have heard that the carrier could offer the network access at a price of $29.99 per month for up to 1 GB of data. That’s without a contract.

If the success of the Overdrive is anything to go by, Sprint could turn out to be successful here as well. Let’s see.

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