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Sprint 4G WiMAX In New York And San Francisco?

Reports are coming in that Sprint may be testing their 4G WiMAX signals in the heavily populated areas of New York and San Francisco. An official annoucement over this is expected very soon. Engadget has noted that their testing of HTC EVO 4G showed intermittent connectivity to Sprint’s WiMAX. Also, several users have reported having seen download speeds of up to 5Mbps on their networks.

The news is not entirely surprising. New York and San Francisco are among the cities with the highest density of smartphones in the world and the high data consumption levels from these regions has virtually suffocated the bandwidth of the networks operating here. Consequently, Sprint’s announcement of 4G connectivity in these regions was quite anticipated.

Are you from one of these regions? Do you see 4G on your Sprint network? Tip us in the comments.

[via Engadget]

7 replies on “Sprint 4G WiMAX In New York And San Francisco?”

I get a 4G signal on the LIRR shortly before entering the tunnel going from Queens to Penn Station and in the same area when leaving Penn Station. The speed there is usually in the 1-1.5 mbps, not much to talk about.

Yep! I am down here in santa clara, and i am getting 4G reception. 2.5M download just a few seconds ago. Its spotty, but exciting!

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