Spotify USA Launch Shortly?

Spotify – the massively popular European music streaming service is only days away from launching in the United States market. According to a report on the New York Post, the company will be signing a deal with Sony Music in the next few days that should pave the way for Spotify to start becoming accessible to the American customers.

Spotify operates on a freemium model that lets consumers access ad-supported music for free while also allowing them to pay $10 a month for ad-free access. This business model of giving music away for free has caused a lot of backlash from record companies who see this as a pill to failure in the long term.

While one music executive confirmed the imminent deals claiming, “Spotify is launching in the US, for sure. They’ve got the deals now“, an official statement from Spotify read,

“Negotiations are progressing well, but [we have] nothing to confirm at this stage.”

We hope it is only going to be days before we hear more positive developments on this front.