Speed Up Internet On Blackberry By Setting Up Proxy Server

Browsing the internet on your Blackberry should soon get quicker. A recent patent filed by RIM at the US Patent and Trademark office seeks to speed up the internet on handsets by setting up a proxy server on the device.

Titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING NETWORK BROWSING SPEED BY SETTING A PROXY SERVER ON A HANDHELD DEVICE”, the patent describes the present method of accessing internet which makes browsing slow. The inventors write

“One reason is that the data is sent across the air uncompressed. This increases traffic and lowers browsing speed. Another reason is that the browser may have to make multiple requests before it is able to display a single document.[…]Requests and responses are sent back and forth wirelessly multiple times, slowing browsing speed and delaying webpage delivery.”

To sort this problem out, the inventors seek to create a proxy server on the handheld device that will compress and transcode the HTTP request before it sent through the wireless gateway. The inventors say this will speed up web page delivery.

“A system for enhancing network-browsing speed by setting a proxy server on a handheld device comprises a browser for sending a request for requesting a message from a website and receiving a response in response to the request, a proxy server for transcoding and compressing the request, and transcoding and decompressing the response including the requested message in response to the request, a wireless network communicably linked to the proxy server, Mobile Data Service (MDS) gateway for transcoding and decompressing the request, and transcoding and compressing the response including the requested message from the website.”

Here is a visual representation of the procedure