SoundHound Music Identification Service For Android To Be Pre-Loaded On HTC Phones

SoundHound, the Shazam-like music identification service may now come pre-loaded on all HTC manufactured Android handsets. The company has signed into a partnership with HTC that will make all upcoming handsets loaded with this service. This could take the competition between SoundHound and Shazam into the next level. As MobileCrunch rightly points out, these services have pretty indistinguishable services and the only way forward for growth is through partnerships with manufacturers and vendors

However the terms of the deal is not clear. We are hearing that SoundHound could make a few cents for every handset sold. But it is also likely that SoundHound pushed for the deal and agreed to share revenues from purchase of songs over the pre-loaded application with HTC. Eitherway, it is just a speculation from my side.

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