Sony VAIO Laptops To Be Built By Third Party Designers

Sony has revealed its new strategy for its laptop business that will see two divisions of Sony VAIO laptops being made available in the market. The “division one” is what exists now and will have Sony designing and building the laptop themselves. The other “division two” will involve third party designers who shall design and build the laptop on Sony’s behalf.

However the quality itself should not suffer, according to Sony VAIO business group president Ryosuke Akahane. Akahane says that the third party laptops will still have the “taste of VAIO, the style of VAIO”. He insists that the third party developers shall be approved by Sony and these laptops will still bear the name of Sony. The difference between the two divisions could however be in the technology. Akahane says,

“We will include new technology [such as the latest processors] in division number one first, and then we can learn and we can get the know-how, then we can transfer [the technology] to the products coming from division two.”

[via PC Pro]