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Sony Dual-Screen eReader Netbook With Game Console Characteristics?

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Sony is working on a portable computer that will serve the purposes of an eReader and netbook while also sharing its characteristics with its current line of hand-held gaming devices.

While no other information has been divulged either by WSJ’s sources nor by the company, the speculations are in line with our report back in May this year when we had pointed out a patent application filed by Sony that sought to bring a portable dual-screen device that will perform eReader and netbook functions. We had written,

“The application further notes that the eReader shall be fitted with an accelerometer so that users may change the device orientation so that the device may now resemble a laptop. The user can now choose to continue using the device as an eReader or use the necessary toggling controls to turn the lower screen into a touchscreen based QWERTY¬†keyboard laptop.”

Now with more information available on this piece of hardware Sony is working on, it will be interesting to see when an official announcement is actually made.

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