Sony Tablet May Be Coming Soon

Two months back, a lot of tech insiders wondered if people required a tablet PC that was neither a laptop, nor a smartphone and did half as what a netbook could do. But, it has since then been realized that a lot of people – over 1 million and counting –  simply don’t care and will buy a tablet PC.

That has got the bosses at Sony contemplating on whether they should be foraying into the tablet space too. Says Mike Abary, Senior VP of Information Technology Products Unit at Sony,

“We have been taking a deep look at developing a tablet for a number of years, not just because of Apple but because it creates some interesting opportunities. The iPad has created a new opportunity. Now we can get a good judgment as to whether the market is truly accepting of it.”

Abary conceded that Sony is still unconvinced about a market for a tablet PC. He did not rule it out either. So, expect an announcement sometime soon.

[via Bloomberg]