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Sony PSN+ Subscription Service To Launch At E3

Earlier this month, we had written about a Premium PSN that could be launched by Sony next month at E3. The service, that was expected to cost $70 a year, was expected to bring a free new game to the user besides offering a Spotify-like music streaming service to the PlayStation Network.

Now, there are more confirmed rumors about the service. According to a report on Joystiq, the service shall be labeled PSN+ and it will include a lot more things than just a music streaming service. Here is what we hear are the offerings

  • Rotating list of PSP Mini and PSone Classic games
  • Exclusive In-Game downloadable content
  • PlayStation Store discount
  • Full access to retail titles for one hour, dubbed “first hour” demo
  • PlayStation Protection Plan
  • Cross-Game Voice Chat
  • Cloud-based saving system
  • Auto-Patching feature for automatic installation of updates

The pricing is expected to be around $9.99 a month which is pretty higher than earlier speculations.

[via Joystiq]

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