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Sony PlayStation 3 Repositioning In Console War

Sony PS3 is not going to be yet another gaming console. In an effort to ¬†create a niche in the market which is now heavily fought among the three major console manufacturers – Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.¬†Sony is believed to position the new PS3 as a device that will get users much more than just gaming. The Playstation is marketed with the “It only does everything” tagline.

The older generation of PlayStation lost out to Nintendo and Microsoft simply because of its higher price and introduction of features like Blu-Ray that were not deemed necessary on a product positioned as a gaming device.

Taking the cue from the past failure, the new device shall launch at an attractive $299 and is positioned as a device that bring to users features more than just gaming. VentureBeat writes,

“Instead of marketing the PS3 as a hardcore game console, the company is touting the fact that it can play high-definition Blu-ray movies, host video chats, and play music. On top of that, consumers are finally ready to network all of their devices in the home together via the web, and the PlayStation Network and PS3 are a solid platform to do that.”

I think it is an opportune time for Sony to bring an integration of several platforms and the fact that there is an attractive price drop is only a bonus. Look forward to a stiffer competition between gaming console makers in the months ahead.

[via VentureBeat]

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