New Sony PS3 Firmware 3.41 Released – What’s New?

PS 3 gamers take note. Sony has now released its latest firmware update to its Playstation 3 gaming console. The new Sony PS 3 firmware 3.41 brings with it a new recommendation system to the Playstation Store. As the name suggests, the new recommendation system will offer Playstation users a list of videos and gaming suggestions when they surf through the store database. The new recommendation list, which will be displayed under a section that reads, “You May Like It“, will show a list of games and videos that is automatically generated depending on the purchase behavior from other users who have made similar purchases.

The new firmware update is significantly smaller than earlier updates released by the company. Considering that this is only an incremental update, a file size of 40MB is understandable. Go ahead and download the new firmware update and let us know how you find the new recommendation system.