Sony Playstation 3 Shortage Due To Blu-Ray Drive Supply

There were a few rumors doing the rounds earlier this year that Sony Playstation 3 could be seeing a shortage in supply this season. According to reports on the Sony Insider, the apparent reason behind this is due to a lag in the supply of Blu-ray drives for the console. The report reads,

“Remember Sony mentioned that there would be a shortage of PlayStation 3 this time around? Apparently the reason for this is due to the limited availability of Blu-ray drives for the past few months. Hopefully the supply of those parts is being taken care of and PlayStation 3 units will be populating store shelves as usual.”

On a sidetrack, the report has also noted that the company could be winding up sales on Playstation 2. There has been a slight price adjustment in recent days of the gaming console as stores plan to sell away the stock for $99.97

[Sony Insider via UberGizmo]