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Sony NGP To Hit Markets This Year

Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s 3DS is here – Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP). Only a rumor up to now, Sony’s NGP has finally become a reality with its announcement on January 26 in Tokyo. With Nintendo set to launch it’s next generation portable 3DS on March 27, Sony’s announcement would only mean that the gaming war between the two giants has begun.

Although not a a 3D portable like its competitor, NGP is going to possess, “visually striking graphics never seen before on a portable entertainment system“. Unlike its predecessor, this one is going to have two thumbsticks along with a touch sensitive OLED screen. The highlights though, would be the touch controls at the rear, an electronic compass and front and rear cameras. Another interesting addition would be the three dimensional touch that would allow users to interact directly with the games.

Sony has also stated that Google’s Android OS games would also be compatible with NGP.

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