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Sony NGP To Be Priced 299$?

According to rumors, the Sony NGP has been listed for a price of 299$. Sony unveiled their next generation play station portable this month in Tokyo and ever since there has been enough speculation about its price. Earlier, even gorumors reported that the NGP was going to cost 350$. There were other rumors that were doing round after the prototype was launched that the price of NGP was going to be 599$. But, Sony quickly dismissed it. But as per GameStop’s databases report, the NGP has been listed for 299$.

According to GameStop, the Nintendo 3DS is going to cost 249 $ which could have prompted Sony not to price the NGP too heavily. A 50$ difference in the prices of the twoi hand held consoles might also go down well with the gamers, if the rumor about the price were to be true.

Fingers crossed, fellow gamers.

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