Sony Blocks The PS3 DNS Hack

The hacker community has confirmed that the Sony Inc. has been successful at blocking the PS3 DNS hack. Apparently the proxy server or the DNS which was being used has been blocked by Sony forbidding the users to get into the Playstation network. The hacking community was using one particular IP address as a proxy server which was enabling users on firmware 3.55 to get access the Playstation network. Not only that proxy server, but another renowned proxy connection settings have been disabled as well.

Sony is apparently cracking their whip on all the hackers and jailbreakers. Not only filing cases against a few hackers and communities, Sony is also seeking the user ids of hackers on youtube nad their IP addresses along with them. Sony, for now has definitely tightened the screws on their network.

We should definitely be seeing some angry comments from the hacking community very soon.