iOS 4.2 Bugs – iPad Wi-Fi Slow After iOS 4.2 Update

Bugs on Apple’s latest iOS seem to be cropping up one after another. We have earlier written about a number of issues users have been facing since they upgraded to the latest iOS 4.2. For instance, some found their music libraries go missing, others complained about their iDevice not being able to connect to their car stereo or to the 3G network.

Now adding up to Apple’s woes is a new issue with the iPad Wi-Fi network. A number of users have been complaining that their tablet is noticing an extremely slow Wi-Fi connection since updating to the latest iOS. A thread on the Apple support forums, spanning close to 700 posts has a lot of users posting about the issues they have been facing.

“My wifi is incredibly slow after I upgraded two of the three iPads in my home to iOS 4.2. The other iPad that has not been upgraded works fine. In a side by side test loading the same web page, the iOS 4.2 iPad takes 5x as long. Any ideas on why this would happen?”

“After iOS 4.2 installation the wifi connection is very slow. Unusable. Other mac and pc work fine on the same wifi lan. There are other posts on this subject, I believe this is a true bug.”

The issue is not with all iPads and the problem appears to be rather selective. In any case, if you have been affected, you may try out these solutions. Seems to have worked for some.

“I had the same problem with Ipad appearing to have a connection but IP is, Here is what I did that so far worked,been connected for 3 days straight now.

  • Reset/forget the network on iPad.
  • Change security on your router to just wpa2-aes only .( might have to retype your password again)save and restart router.
  • I’m not sure if I did a reboot on my ipad but wouldn’t hurt..find your netwrok and connect…that’s it.”


“I changed the passwords for my Main network and my Guest Network. After doing that, the utility instructed me to disconnect my modem’s power cord for a couple seconds and reconnect. I should say that I had already performed the disconnect of my modem’s power supply before. That accomplished nothing. The difference here was that I had changed the passwords of my two networks first.

If you read my last post, you know that I quoted terrible video performance for two specific apps…AppAdvice and MLB at Bat 2010. So, after doing the above I tried playing videos on both apps. FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE. OMG!”

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  1. Try to find the 4.2 iPad update in Apples “store”! Why don’t they have it front and center? Then if your pc is over four years old, it won’t download. I just ordered the top ranked HP Pavilion Elite to replace my Desktop. Sorry Apple, we have two ipads that we like, but the problem with Adobe Flash and the 4.2 update hassle along with Consumer Reports ratings, pushed us back to HP’s product line. Gary Southworth

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