New Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders And Shipping Information Details Revealed

American and European customers who have pre-ordered a Notion Ink Adam should start receiving the device starting next week. In a new blog post, Rohan Shravan has revealed that FCC and CE clearance details should be up on the organization websites shortly. Also, Notion Ink will start printing labels starting Monday and will start shipping on Wednesday.

The Notion Ink blog post also talks about the probable date for the second set of pre-orders. It is expected to happen after the initial set of shipments are done. Shravan says,

“Pre-order 2 has yet not started because we are waiting for deliveries in US and European countries (that would mean that we are just a few days away from it). But this time we are not going to do the mistakes we did last time. Last time we missed a lot of you, this time we will communicate with a lot of you to make it easier for those who were¬†disappointed¬†last time.”

So that’s happy news for those who have pre-ordered already and those who are anxiously waiting for the counter to open again!

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