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SHAtter iPhone Jailbreak Bootrom Exploit Leaked

This is one jailbreak exploit that has made so much news but will still fail to be incorporated in any of the official jailbreak tools. We first wrote about SHAtter back in September this year. This was a hardware exploit that would enable existing models of iDevices to be permanently jailbroken. The exploit was expected to be incorporated in a jailbreak release scheduled for October 10th of this year. That however got cancelled after the Limera1n jailbreak software was released by GeoHot.

This SHAtter exploit has now reportedly been made public. While it is still unclear who in the iPhone Dev Team could be responsible for the leak, accusations seem to be flying among the members of the group. More importantly, what this means is that Apple would now be able to patch the Limera1n and SHAtter  exploits at one go when their next production units hit the market.

Despite this setback, P0sixninja from the Chronic Dev Team has assured iPhone users that the untethered jailbreak – that has recently seen a delay – shall be on its way soon.

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