Set Up Three-Way Calling On Blackberry

Setting up a three-way call on your Blackberry is pretty simple. Follow these steps below to get going. You can also use this method to set up conferencing with as many people as you choose.

Setting Up Three Way Call

Step 1 : Connect with the first caller by either making the call yourself or receiving a call from the other end

Step 2 : Once the connection is established, press the green colored talk button (on the top left of the keypad)

Step 3 : You will now be prompted to enter the name or number of the third person. Enter the details and press the green button again to establish the second call

Step 4 : Your second connection will now be established. Press the Menu button to view the options window.

Step 5 : Press ‘Join‘ to set up the three way call

To Disconnect One Caller

Step 1 : When the three way call is set up, press the menu button to open the options window

Step 2 : A list of options appear. Select ‘End Call

Step 3 : You will now be presented the list of callers. Select the caller to disconnect and confirm. You have disconnected the caller.