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Samsung Haven Price, Contract And Features Annouced

Okay, it’s not smartphones that we have to discuss here all the time. There are feature phones that impress too and Samsung Haven from Verizon Wireless is one such model. The phone comes with a flip-model and measures 3.92″ x 2.00″ x 0.72″ in dimension. The phone is targeted primarily at the older crowd who will really like the large readable font presented on the Samsung Haven. The features included on the phone include Reminder, Fitness Trainer, Healing Music and Medical Info Tools: Alarm Clock, World Clock, Calculator, Tip Calculator and Stop Watch.

The device is now available on the online store and will be available on the Verizon stores starting July 29. Price of the phone is $39.99 on a two year contract. Without a contract, you can get hold of a device for $170. There is an early termination fee of $175.

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