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Samsung Galaxy Tab To Launch On AT&T, Verizon & Sprint – With Contracts

We have seen a lot of reviews so far blaming Samsung for an unusually high price for the new Galaxy Tab. These reviewers had noted that the price of the tablet was much higher than the iPad which could make it an unattractive proposition. Now according to reports on the Wall Street Journal, Samsung could be opting for a contract-based subsidy model to take on the iPad competition. The report cites reliable sources to have indicated that the tablet device could be launching on more than just Sprint and be available from AT&T and Verizon as well. And what more, since the device also offers voice calling, these units could be available on contracts – very much like smartphones. This would mean that the purchase price of the device would be just around $200-$300. Comparing this with the $800 price point of a 3G-enabled iPad, the value to users becomes very clear.

Samsung’s strategy for the Galaxy Tab seems to be very much inspired by its success with the Galaxy S. As you know, the Galaxy S was launched under different names on all four major carriers in the US. Clearly, the positioning seems to be that it is better to go for a 3G-enabled Galaxy Tab rather than a Wi-Fi only iPad at a higher price. Looks attractive to me..

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