Samsung Galaxy Tab “Upgrade” From Android To Chrome OS Possible?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has seen a lot of positive reviews in the past few days and is definitely the best Android tablet out in the market as of now. However, it appears that Samsung may provide an option to migrate the tablet from an Android platform to Chrome OS platform when the latter is released. According to a report on the UK Sunday Times, “can be replaced with Chrome, when that arrives, though owners who aren’t tech savvy should have this upgrade carried out by a professional”.

At the outset, it seems pretty unlikely. Unless there is some sort of a common ground between the Android Gingerbread and Chrome OS that will make such a migration possible, there is no reason to believe that Samsung will provide this functionality to users – not in the current edition of the tablet at least. Nevertheless, this is one another rumor we will have to keep tracking unless it is proved one way or the other.