Samsung Galaxy Tab To Cost Below $300 In USA?

There are still no official announcements with respect to the price of the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet device. There are rumors that suggest that unsubsidized version of the tablet could cost as much as $900 in the American market. While these rumors have been painting a gloomy picture for those interested in buying a unit, the Wall Street Journal reports that carrier subsidies could be making the device pretty affordable. According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy Tab would be available at a price between $200 and $300 along with a 2 year carrier contract. Samsung is learned to be talking to multiple US carriers including Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T though rumors last week did suggest that Sprint was the most likely candidate.

What this rumor may imply is that the pricing could be pushing consumers towards a contract-inclusive Tab which means those who would rather use the device as a Wi-Fi only unit may have to shell out pretty heavy cash. Nevertheless, we will wait and see what the official unsubsidized rates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab are.