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Samsung Galaxy Tab Price On T-Mobile Leaked?

Last week we heard reports that suggested that the upcoming Android tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab shall be available at a price of $399 with Sprint. The price was for the subsidized device with a 2 year contract while the unsubsidized Galaxy Tab was expected to be available at $599.

Now, the corresponding numbers for T-Mobile USA seem to be out. According to a report on TmoNews, the Galaxy Tab on the carrier could be available at an unsubsidized price of $649 in the US. If you are instead willing to sign a two year contract, expect the device to come to you subsidized for $399.

That is pretty similar to the Sprint offer but do remember that both these price points are rumors at this point and so we really do not know how close they are to truth. Nevertheless, stay tuned. An official announcement may just be around the corner.

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