Samsung Galaxy S Vs. iPad Browser Speed Test

Of course, you cannot compare a smartphone with a tablet PC. But then, when you are only comparing one aspect that is common in the devices – browser speed in this case, I think it is pretty fair and relevant.

I just came across this interesting video that is quite revealing. As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S loads websites significantly quicker than the iPad. As is noted in the video, the Galaxy is running Android 2.2 while the iPad is assumed to be running the latest iPad OS.

Apple is speculated to announce iOS 4 for the iPad in the next few weeks. A Brazilian website had claimed last week that this announcement could be made as early as next week when the new iPod Touch could be announced. Considering that Android 2.2 is the latest from Google, it will be interesting to see how the phone would compare in browser speed with an iPad running the latest iOS 4.

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