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How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S Running Android 2.1?

Rooting an Android phone has its advantages. The process will allow you to gain super user status thus allowing you to install and run applications outside the Android marketplace on your Android device. However, there are also risks to this process since it may void your warranty besides possible bricking of your device.

If you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and are looking for a way to unroot the device, this one-click solution will help you with the process. Please note that you will need a Windows based computer to proceed. Also, this procedure is meant for Android 2.1 Eclair and may not work if you are running Android 2.2 Froyo on your Galaxy S.

Step 1 : Download the following three files to your Windows computer.
.NET Version 4
One-Click Root/Unroot file
Windows Samsung Drivers 32bit & 64bit

Step 2 : Click and install the .NET application on your computer

Step 3 : On your Samsung Galaxy phone, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> USB Debugging. Here, enable the USB debugging option. You may be offered a warning message. Tap OK to proceed with the unroot process

Step 4 : Connect your Galaxy phone to the Windows computer. If the Kies software autoruns, close it. Your phone will now detect the appropriate Samsung driver and install it

Step 5 : With Galaxy connected to your computer, double click on the One-Click root file to start the unroot process. You will be shown the following window

Click on the ‘One-Click Unroot 2.1‘ option

Step 6 : The application will now take you through several lines of messages and notifications. Finally the application will complete the unrooting process for the handset.

You are done. Disconnect your phone to complete the process.

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