One Click Samsung Galaxy S Root Tutorial

There are more than one rooting solutions available for Samsung Galaxy phones including T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate. But if you are looking at a one-click solution for rooting your Samsung Galaxy S i9000, then here is a way out – a guide that can get your system rooted in less then five minutes.

But before you proceed, please do note the caveats – You risk losing your warranty and could also potentially brick your phone. So unless you are absolutely sure, don’t try it. The procedure is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S i9000 running either Android 2.1 or Android 2.2. (We have a number of articles covering the other Samsung Galaxy variants. Click here to check out these articles)

Step 1 : To get started, download these files : .NET version 4 | One-Click Root application | Samsung Galaxy S Drivers 32bit & 64bit.

Once done, install the .NET application.

Step 2 : One your Galaxy S, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> USB Debugging to enable the USB debugging option. You will be displayed a warning message. Tap OK to proceed.

Step 3 : Connect the Galaxy S to your computer. If the Kies software begins its autorun, close the application.

Step 4 : The phone will now detect the driver tools that were downloaded earlier and install them

Step 5 : Now double click and run the One click root file downloaded earlier

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S

Step 6 : You will be prompted to choose the appropriate root tool. Click on 2.1 or 2.2 depending on the Android OS version installed on your Galaxy phone

Step 7 : The rooting process will now begin. You will be taken through a series of instructions and updates. You don’t have to do anything other than wait for the process to get completed.

The procedure is complete. You have rooted your Samsung Galaxy phone.

11 thoughts on “One Click Samsung Galaxy S Root Tutorial”

  1. i just finished using the one click software, does it go to a plan black screen that says “reboot system now” and at the bottom it says its “installing Multi-csc”?

  2. Yeah, the instructions within the batch files are cryptic..

    do I want to apply all it says is to select volume up to “reinstall packages” which isn’t even an option..

  3. Did some research on another site, You use the volume key to select apply and select it with your home key, the phone will boot again and you should have a new app called superuser permission (a little ninja icon)

  4. The volume keys are used to highlight an option and to select, you use the power/lock button. Reinstall packages and you are done, if the phone doesn’t reboot automatically, reboot it from the menu

  5. went through all that, but the app just gives me a black screen and nothing happens. where have i gone wrong?

  6. hi, when i connect my vibrant to my computer, it does not install the drivers. What am I doing wrong? I have everything installed, ( net version 4, the driver software, and the one click root,..I also have debugging mode ON) What am I doing wrong? Please help, thanks

  7. The retard that wrote this needs to desperately go back to school. In the cmd.exe instructions it says Congradulations you are rooted. I feel so much better that They cannot even use spell check. Come on, it’s there use it.

  8. My Galaxy S + Froyo.DXJPE + [email protected]#6 became unstable, with ‘force-close’ on lot’s apllications (from application killer to skype). Had to re-flash all the phone after installing this ‘one-click-root’. Don’t use it untill the author(s) will clarify what’s up, for which built it works and the known issues…

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