Samsung Galaxy S Battery Life Poor? Try The Power Pack

Are you having problems with getting your new Samsung Galaxy S last more than a work-day? In that case, you could probably check out this latest accessory from Samsung – a battery power pack. It is not here as yet. But according to a report on SlashGear, the accessory was recently promoted in Samsung’s German newsletter.

This accessory is basically a carry case that will also double up as a battery power backup to offer an additional 8.5 hours of talk time and an additional 500 hours of standby. That’s definitely sufficient backup for most of us. There is no word on the pricing as yet and it is not clear when this accessory will be available elsewhere in the world.

Samsung Battery Backup

In any case, if you are wondering about other specifications, the power pack is going to weigh 70 grams and will come with an LED capacity indicator.

[via SlashGear]

2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Battery Life Poor? Try The Power Pack”

  1. If the Samsuns Galaxy S battery pack rumour is true, it should be provided to everyone who bought this dog of a phone! No wonder Samsung details standby and usage time as TBD (to be determined). Things like this only happen when products are rushed to market. Early adopters beware!
    Once Bitten
    Sydney Australia

  2. I have bought this phone recently and it is already expensive! I cannot believe Samsung is now having to sell accessories because of their poor testing on battery life on the Galaxy S.

    Make no mistake. I love the phone, but why is it that I should now have to cough up additional money just to get better battery life out of my phone.

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