Samsung Galaxy Player50 To Take On The New iPod Touch

So, the Android rival to the recently announced iPod Touch 4 has arrived. The new Samsung Galaxy Player 50, as you guessed, is a portable media player that will run on the Android OS. Android 2.1 to be precise. The device comes with pretty much everything that you see on modern day smartphones, including access to the Android marketplace, except of course the voice-call part. But this is a pretty impressive device from what you can see from the specs.

Firstly, this is a 3.2″ display – smaller than regular smartphone displays, but reasonable – that is equipped with a WQVGA LCD screenwith multitouch capability. Other specifications include a storage space of 8GB and 16GB with microSD card expansion of up to 32GB, a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. One gripe that you may have is that the device runs on Android 2.1 and not FroYo. But the device otherwise comes with all the bells and whistles that Android smartphones come with. There is no word on the price, but we expect it to effectively counter the iPod Touch 4.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50