Samsung Focus Price Drops To $49.99 On Amazon

Given that there are not too many Windows Phone 7 handset models available in the market today, one may have assumed that those already out in the wild should be selling at a premium. At least that is how it looked when AT&T launched Samsung Focus on November 8 at a price of $199.99 along with a two year contract.

But perhaps in an indication that the device is not selling all too well, Amazon has now announced that this beautiful WP7 handset will now be available through their online stores at a price of just $49.99. Of course, this is along with a 2 year AT&T contract. But there are just two interpretations to make – Either that Amazon has a lot of more exciting hardware lined up for the holiday season and it wants to deplete their existing inventory (HTC Surround is already available at $0.01)or that the demand for the device has been lower than supply. The third alternative – that of this device being a dud does not simply arise looking at the excellent tech specs.