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Samsung Fascinate Vs. Motorola Droid 2 – Features Comparison

Rumors are doing the rounds that Samsung Fascinate (from the Galaxy S series) could be launching on Verizon by next week – September 8 to be precise. So, if you are a Verizon customer looking for a nice Android phone, which one should you go for – Droid 2 or Fascinate? After all, these are two hot Android devices in recent times. Here’s a features comparison


Droid 2 features a 3.7″ display with 854×480 pixels. On the other hand, Fascinate carries a 4″ display with 800×480 pixels. Speaking in terms of ppi (pixels-per-inch), Droid 2 is just marginally better than Fascinate.

Winner: Droid 2


Both devices come with a 1GHz processor. However, while the Droid 2 carries a 8GB ROM with a 512MB RAM, Samsung Fascinate only comes with a 512MB ROM and 336MB RAM. Not too bad, yet on a relative scale, Droid 2 scores. Besides this, there is not much to pick between the two.  Both devices carry a 5-megapixel camera with flash (Dual-LED on Droid 2) and support for up to 32GB storage. Of course, Fascinate comes with an additional 2GB storage memory, but that I think is not too significant for Fascinate to out-score Droid 2. So, considering the memory specs alone, Droid 2 is slightly ahead.

Winner : Droid 2


Again, nothing much to pick between the two. Droid 2 does have Flash pre-installed, but Fascinate is expected to get the feature by the end of the year – around the same time when it is expected to get an OS upgrade to Android 2.2 (Droid 2 already runs Android 2.2). Other functionalities include video capture (HD on Fascinate, DVD-quality on Droid 2), maps, natively installed applications and 3G hotspot capability. Neither device carries a HDMI Tv output.

Winner : None

Here’s a quick summary of all features. Overall, I would pick Motorola Droid 2 over Fascinate. How about you?

Samsung Fascinate vs. Motorola Droid 2

This is a guest post by Vineet Singh, a Mechanical engineering student at Mumbai University

10 replies on “Samsung Fascinate Vs. Motorola Droid 2 – Features Comparison”

This is the worst post I think I have ever read…

Really you are going to compare the screens based off PPI? That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard… the Super AMOLED screen quality vs the POS on the Droid 2 is night and day. The Super AMOLED is compared to the Retina display on the Iphone4 all the time.

On top of that your hardware comparison is only comparing storage capacity instead of the actual hardware like GPU and CPU, where the CPU of the Fascinate is based of a 45nm process (less power consumption, and higher clocks) vs the 65nm of the droid2. ALSO the GPU on the fascinate is a newer more powerful GPU allowing graphical renderings to be displayed at almost 3x the speed (FPS).

And Lastly, I will leave this with opinion instead of fact, since that what you did… I have used a droid 2 and a captivate/vibrant, and the speed is def different in favor of the Fascinate. So before you go posting something like this, how about you make sure you have your facts straight…

JD is right, this is quite a poor post. The Fascinate’s AMOLED is far superior and it’s Hummingbird processor destroys whatever crap is in the Droid 2 from a metrics standpoint and from personal use.

Whoever wrote this is Clueless! Galaxy S blows the Droid 2 out of the water, the only bonus on the Droid 2 which isn’t mentioned is the physical keyboard.

I agree with you guys this post is awful i mean he clearly has no clue what he is talking about i mean come on super amoled isnt better then the screen on the droid 2? Are you blind? This was a waste of my time to read as it does nothing but put wrong info into people’s minds about the fascinate. i cannot wait to get a fascinate.

droid 2, winner? yeah right! droid 2 only records video at DVD quality, which i’m assuming is no more than 480p. and the Super AMOLED display is more energy efficient and has a 180 degree viewing angle and is also viewable under direct sunlight.

What the heck are you guys talking about the droid 2 is the odvious winner and its keyboard is awesome there was no problems noted on the device and it looks much better than that crappy candybar design of the fascinate. Bottom line is that the droid 2 has the more pro features and no lags plus both have the one gh processor and BING sux!

lol haha this guy above is on crack sayuing the droid 2 is better,.,.,hahah hech no!!!!!!!!!!! samsung fascinate is the the shi********! 4,0 super amled screen, 1ghz hummingbird processer, plus touch whiz tech. theres no need to say anymore specs. its hands down faccinate is the winner,,.,,even just by looking at it.,,the droid 2 over heats, it freaazes, battery killer and it looks and feels like a brick/block nonetheless it weighs as much as one.,.,everyone who agrees with me above and below.,u guys are smart ppl….dnt fall for droid commercials what ever doesnt droid does it WORSE!

I got the droid 2 I love it, I also like the fascinate I didn’t get that because it just came out and know one knew anything about it.

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