Samsung Epic 4G Vs. HTC EVO 4G – Official Sprint Comparison Review Video

There are two high profile 4G capable Android handsets from Sprint this season, the HTC EVO 4G and the upcoming Samsung Epic. Of course, considering the rate at which new Android handsets are being churned out, EVO 4G is not as “new” as the Epic is. And consequently, Sprint would not want to glorify a device that is already out in the market and ruin the market for an upcoming Sprint phone.

For instance, the new Epic 4G comes with a 5-megapixel camera whereas EVO has an 8-megapixel unit. Also, the EVO has a marginally larger display. Nevertheless, the Samsung Epic does come with some interesting features of its own. Firstly, the display is 4-inches of Super AMOLED goodness. Also, users uncomfortable with a virtual keyboard can instead use the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. But most importantly, Samsung Epic allows you to stream content from your phone to any DLNA certified device wirelessly. EVO on the other hand requires a wired HDMI output.

It is not surprising that Sprint has spoken mainly about the positive aspects of the upcoming Samsung Android handset. But I believe EVO will continue to give Epic a good competition thanks to some amazing features. Check out the Sprint video below.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G Vs. HTC EVO 4G – Official Sprint Comparison Review Video”

  1. I wondered this same question when I first heard that the epic would be released.

    After reviewing the information, other than the Super AmoLED screen and the aspect advantage that creates on battery life then unless you have an affinity to physical keyboards then go with the Evo

    If Allshare is the only way to display video on TV’s then it has a serious disadvantage because I found out that I can do the same thing with an Android App called MediaServer.
    So with the Evo I have a choice; especially if I currently do not own a DNLA compliant device. I do (PS3)Not TV but to start that is an extra step and more electricity when i can just hook the Evo to the TV with a cable.

    Last but not least Sense to me is miles ahead of TouchWiz in terms of style but, “Hey thats just my opinion”

  2. Personally, I would really like to get the EVO. The Epic looks really nice, but I’ve heard way too many bad things about Samsung’s lack of OS updates. That and putting a 5MP camera on it when the EVO has an 8MP is just plain stupidity on Samsung’s part, plain and simple.

    But as this rate, I probably stand a better chance of getting the Epic over the EVO, as Sprint has no clue how to keep the EVO in stock anymore.

  3. Ok, let me me clear up a few misconceptions..

    First of all the Epic can output video 3 ways..1) DLNA 2) 3.5mm jack(this outputs the entire screen not just videos and pics) and 3) HDMI..yes HDMI..all you need is the microusb-hdmi wire (do not buy it directly..3rd parties sell it for 3$ or so)

    Next..the 5MP camera on the Epic is A LOT better then the 8MP one on the EVO..MP is not quality..its like saying hey I’m better off cause I got a Gallon container with only 1 ounce of water in it while you only have a liter of water thats full of water…The camera on the Epic 4G is really the best even..and its video recording is even better..

    Of course there are other advantages to the Epic other then Super AMOLED like a better GPU (as good as an EVO + a PS2 combined) and processor, 6 axis g-sensor, Bluetooth 3.0 and etc..

  4. @Aridon. How do you get the video output via 3.5 mm jack to work. I could not find any setting to change the video output

  5. Aridon,
    Do you know if the epic video output really works with a microusb-hdmi wire? I have not seen that confirmed by anyone. My understanding is that you can buy a wire, but it doesn’t work.

  6. I have both Evo and Epic, and both are active now. The Epic is better. Even though evo has 8mp cam Epic pics look way better. Epic displays all features in easy to locate areas of phone, evo screen cracked multiple times from short distance drop but my epic took more hits and has never had to be replace and I have had Epic longer. Trust me Epic is better.

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