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Samsung Cetus Features Review – First Windows Phone 7 Handset From Samsung

There is not much to discuss about this upcoming handset from Samsung Mobile. For one, we have no clue about the form factor of this smartphone. Secondly, there is no word on the pricing or availability. Nevertheless, there has been some information available about this new handset thanks to a recently awarded Bluetooth certification.

The specs are definitely interesting. The Samsung Cetus is expected to come with a large 4-inches AMOLED display along with a 800×400 pixel resolution. Keeping with the recent trends, the phone will also offer a 5-megapixel camera though it is not clear if auto-focus and LED flash will be available. In addition to this, the phone will also include a second front-facing VGA camera, FM radio tuner and GPS apart from support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Besides all of this, of course, the device will run on Windows Phone 7.

A more comprehensive tech specs and pricing details need to be available before you can pass a judgement over this handset.

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