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Running Kinect On Mac OS X Now Possible

Earlier this week, a hacker successfully broke into the newly launched Microsoft Kinect webcam based motion controller to be able to transmit monochromatic images tracked by Kinect to a computer. With this hacking done, it was just a matter of time before we got to see more improvisations.

Hacker Theo Watson has now released a OS X port for libfreenect, the open source Kinect driver that was released recently. The new port, a video demo of which you can see embedded below, lets the user run those very monochromatic images from Kinect on a computer running OS X.

This is still not in a very useable form since it does nothing more than transmit your body movements in monochromatic images. But considering the quickness with which these breakthroughs have been achieved, expect for a lot more custom builds to be released shortly.

One reply on “Running Kinect On Mac OS X Now Possible”

The hardware itself is nothing ground breaking. You can put this together from currently available devices. The magic is in the software that Microsoft developed. They solved a huge problem in skeletal mapping. Its good there are open drivers, but they are just that drivers for the PC/Mac to talk to the device.

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