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Rumored iPhone 5 Features – Micro-SIM Slot And Tweaked Antenna Design

An iPhone accessory manufacturing company, Global Direct, has published a video that compares an iPhone 4 casing with what they claim is a next generation CDMA iPhone that makes a number of interesting revelations. The video has since then been pulled which is possibly an indication that what is shown on the video is legitimate. However, more interestingly, although the video speaks about this device as a CDMA iPhone, chances are that this is what iPhone 5 could look like.

There are a couple of main take-aways from the pictures revealed. Firstly, the device comes with a micro-SIM card slot that is evident of this being a next generation GSM device and not a CDMA iPhone. Secondly, the design reveals a modified antenna frame that Apple could be working on to prevent an AntennaGate-like issue with the new device.

Check out the image below

iPhone 5 casing

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