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Rugged Cases For iPad To Protect Against Drops

OtterBox – the manufacturers of some of the most durable and rugged cases for handhelds including the iPhone have now launched a new Defender case for the iPad. Like its counterpart for the iPhone, the Defender rugged casing for iPad is made of a two-piece poly-carbonate shell that is lined with soft felt and a silicone outer shell that offers some pretty decent protection from drops.

Defender iPad case

As you can see from the picture above, one side of the polycarbonate cover runs over the iPad screen and helps to protect the display from scratches. In addition to this, you can also fold it backwards to serve as a stand when you want to watch movies or video. The case is also noted to work with the iPad dock.

The price? Well, it depends on how you see it. At $89.95 you can call it pretty expensive. But if you think buying a protective casing for your iPad is an investment, it doesn’t sound like a big number.

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