Rotating iPad Speaker Docks From SMK Reviewed

The iPad is a great way to watch movies and television shows. But the absence of powerful speakers on the iPad has meant that you may miss out on the TV-experience while watching these videos on the iPad. There are a good number of iPad speaker docks available in the market. But the recently unveiled SMK PadDock is one that shows a lot of promise.

The SMK PadDock iPad speaker dock comes with all the usual aesthetics that Apple products are known for and mimics the look and feel of an iMac. The dock comes with a cradle grip that can rotate 360 degrees to accomodate all possible orientations of the screen – All this while keeping the iPad speakers in place. Additionally, the PadDock also includes a USB support and supports computer syncing.

iPad Speaker Dock

The PadDock is definitely an impressive piece of hardware and will be available at a price of $100 when it goes on sale on November 1. If you want to be one of the firsts to get hold of this speaker dock, you can pre-order one right away.