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How To Root Droid-X? Step-By-Step Instructions Outed

Oh, it was only last week that I had written about the eFuse security system on the new Verizon Droid-X that could potentially brick your phone should you attempt a system root. Motorola went to great lengths to convince users that those allegations were untrue.

Motorola must stand vindicated. The Droid-X has just been rooted. Folks at the DroidX Forums have announced that the Motorola Droid-X can now be rooted via a simple 12 step process that involves the following

  • Setting up an Android Debug Bridge
  • Pushing exploid to the SQLlite statement journals
  • Change permissions on the exploid
  • Access rootshell
  • Mound SDCard and push the superuser files to the root

Of course you can find the comprehensive tutorial and answers to your questions at the Droid X forums. Do let us know if you have successfully rooted your device. Will help those who are still paranoid about bricking their new phone.

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