Prices Of Roku SD Box, HD Box & HD-XR Reduced

Television entertainment is definitely the next big thing with Google, Apple and their likes expected to launch their new products in this space over the next few weeks. This is definitely going to be a challenge for smaller niche players in the industry like Roku and the company is already gearing up for the challenge by getting aggressive in its pricing plans.

So here are the new prices for the Roku gizmos. The Roku SD Box will now cost $59 – down from $79. The Roku HD Box is now available at $69 instead of $99 and the Roku HD-XR is now priced $99 – down $30 from #129. The HD-XR is in fact expected to get a few more features like 1080p streaming and USB playback support soon.

See a pattern in these new prices? Roku has ensured that none of their devices are priced more than $99 – the rumored price of the upcoming Apple TV set-top box, tentatively called the iTV that is expected to be announced at a media event tomorrow.