New Rogers Voice Plans For Blackberry Announced

Rogers Canada has announced a number of new voice plans for their Blackberry customers that brings attractive pay as you go options to the subscribers. There are now two new pay by the month plans that require subscribers to pay $40 or $55 a month. The two plans are not too different but for the fact that the $40 plan allows subscribers unlimited local voice calling between 3PM and 6PM; whereas the $55 plan makes the same offer between 6PM and 7AM on weekdays and for the entire duration of the weekend. You can also choose the Social plans that offer unlimited social networking on websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The new plans are significantly higher than the older plans since charges are close to $25 more here on an average. But what’s interesting is that the new plans does not tie the subscriber to a three year contract. So you are free to sign out when you wish to.
Rogers Blackberry PAYG Voice plan