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RIM Showcases The Business Capabilities of Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Yesterday, RIM has launched a demo video of a few business applications that are going to feature on the Blackberry Playbook Tablet. The tablet is going to come out in March. Well, there was not a lot new in yesterday’s demo. The demo once again reiterates the need of pairing the tablet with a Blackberry smartphone for keeping the enterprise email on Playbook. Switching between Apps can be done with easy swipes of the finger. One new feature was the SAP business tool that allows the use of complex graphs and charts.

The other technical specifications of the tablet are 1 GB RAM, dual core processor with a speed of 1GHz, a 7″ wide touchscreen with the resolution 1024×600, 3.0 and 5.0 megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi and HDMI output.

The features seem to be quite excellent. But, only time will tell if Blackberry can outsmart Android devices as far as business applications are concerned.

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