Blackberry Storm 3 Launch In Q3/Q4 2010

Following up with rumors about the launch of a Blackberry Tablet, we are now hearing that Research In Motion is working on its next line of Storm smartphones. According to, the company is already working on Storm 3 and Storm 4. Blackberry Storm 3 is expected to hit the stores by Q3 or Q4 of this year.

Like with the earlier models, Blackberry Storm 3 could be coming with Surepress – the technology that allowed users to depress their touchscreen to get tactile feedback while typing or navigating through the user interface. However, the new model is noted to be using a revamped version of Surepress. Also, the device will come with Blackberry OS 6.0 besides coming with features targeted at the gamers and multimedia consumers. RIM is believed to be working with EA to bring a mobile version of The Sims to Storm 3.

Storm 4 may go on sale next year.

[via Tested]