Eliminate Camera Shakes With New Microsoft Gyroscope Algorithm

No matter how much of a skilled pro you are at photography, you may always end up with blurry photographs thanks to that last minute inadvertent shake of the camera. There are several softwares available that help users to remove camera shake effects. However, a new research report from Microsoft offers some smart camera shake elimination techniques that make use of the accelerometer and gyroscope that many modern smartphones come equipped with.

According to the report, scientists at Microsoft Research have developed a new software algorithm that will use measurements from the gyroscope and accelerometer to detect camera shakes and will eliminate it by cancelling it out.

Microsoft Accelerometer Gyroscope camera

Of course, this technology is still in the testing phase and there are a few bugs that have to be removed. Also, we do not have a clue on when and where this might be employed – new DSLR cameras or smartphones. Nevertheless, you will agree that this is some innovative thinking that can help users capture better photographic shots.