Do You Notice Flickering Screen or Vertical Banding On Droid-X?

Motorola Droid-X, it seems, is having few problems of its own. After reports about the device software being caught up with a strange privacy flaw that allowed users to access text messages and call logs even after they were deleted comes reports from several users who have noticed issues with their smartphone’s display screen.

Several users have complained about a peculiar vertical banding problem on the new Droid X that frequently displays a series of vertical bars/strips on the display screen. Another set of users have also been complaining of rapid flickering on the Droid X screen.

Check out the two issues in the videos embedded below. If your phone too  behaves anything like what is shown here, then it is completely unusable.

Neither Motorola nor Verizon have acknowledged the issue so far. But expect them to address these problems soon. Anyway, it is unclear if this is a widespread issue.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Write down your experience in the comments.

Update: The companies have acknowledged an issue. Read the latest here.

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  1. yep having the same issue and they want to charge me another 299 to process exchange!

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