Ramos W9 Android Device Features Rockchip Processor

Ramos is not a name that you would expect to hear often in the western world a lot. But the company is quick churning out a number of mobile internet devices of late. Remember the Ramos W7 Android MID that we discussed earlier this week? Now word’s out that a successor to it is already on the way and that shall be known as the Ramos W9.

So how do the two devices compare? Well, there is not too many things that we know about the W9 as yet. What I do know is that it is rumored to come with a 7-inches display screen and that it will be powered by a Rockchip RK2818 processor. Besides this, only expect it to come with better specs over the Ramos W7 that comes with Android 1.5, 32GB storage and Wi-Fi/3G connectivity.

Price? It’s definitely going to be more than $146-$250 price tag that is pegged for the W7.