Ramos W7 Price And Features Reviewed

If you are traveling to China anytime now, you could check out on the newly launched Ramos W7 Android-based MID on sale there. Others, can simply log in to eBay. The device features an Android 1.5 system (Old, I know) that runs on a screen with a 4.8-inches TFT LCD display with 800×600 pixel resolution. The device can be fit with a micro SDHC card that allows a maximum storage size of 32GB as well as supports Wi-Fi and 3G features. Besides these, the Ramos W7 also supports a whole lot of Audio and video formats including AVI, FLV, MPG, MP3 and WMA.

The device is selling in China for a price of 999 Yuan – that’s something like $146. However, if you are intent on getting one from eBay, expect the device to be priced at nothing less than $250. Check out a video of the Android MID in action.